About us

Mischief & Co. is Australia’s fashion-forward clothing brand that specialises in fun and unique children’s fashion and luxury accessories.
Inspired by my super active and ultra gorgeous baby boy, Liam, I started Mischief & Co. in 2016 to provide top quality and fashionable pieces for mischievous little humans.
My name is Shannen and my career has entirely been in the marketing and advertising industry. Now I am in charge of Customer Experience @ Mischief & Co.

We use a mixture of cool slogans and sleek designs to create our voguish range of ultra soft t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, dresses, pants and luxurious accessories that are trending essentials for your child’s wardrobe.

Each piece is carefully designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia and overseas using the finest and softest top quality materials with the comfort and style of your child in mind.