What You need to know about Street Fashion for Kids

Street fashion is a specific type of fashion style that emerged from the sidewalks instead of the catwalks, and over the years these looks have become steadily more popular. In fact, during major fashion weeks those off the runway are getting an increasingly large amount of attention, and now the emphasis on street style has trickled down into kids wear, too -- note Seoul Fashion Week.



Street fashion is more of an individual approach to fashion, and is not typically about just the current trends: What’s so incredible about the fashion on the street is that is captures someone’s unique sense of style, rather than producing a replica of what can be found on the runway. 

So, how can you adapt this concept to your little one’s wardrobe? 



You already know that you can’t force children to wear anything that they don’t like to wear, so it makes sense to let them choose certain items that they like themselves -- this leaves room for creativity and self-expression -- and then suggest clothing that complements it.

The good news is that there are a few tips that can help you find your own unique look (or in this case one for your child). These include: mixing high-end pieces with those from high-street stores, and choosing key pieces from the season’s trends, and mixing them with pieces that your little one already loves and has in their wardrobe.

But when in doubt, look to social media.


There are more and more kids who are garnering a steady following because of their incredible closets. One of the easiest ways to become inspired to find outfit ideas for your own child is to look at those who are doing it best.




If you’re looking for some items for your child to try out that are fashionable but also functional, consider Mischief & Co's Funnel Neck Jacket. It’s great when paired with chinos or with distressed denims, and also looks stylish when layered over a long line tee.

The Distressed Jumper is also another piece, and one that is both edgy and fun -- it’s also very versatile and can be worn with a wide selection of different garments.

According to Business Of Fashion, within the last five years, growth in children apparel has outpaced both women and menswear -- which is proof that style can start at any age. This tendency has brought many emerging small business and brands to market amazing products for kids that were not available years ago. There is no better time to jump into the trend and embrace Street Fashion for Kids.

What do you think of children’s street fashion style? Is this a trend that is more appealing than those on the runways? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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  • Lauren

    What a great read. I agree – there is actually no better time to jump in on the amazing fashion that small businesses are releasing in today. When I was a child this was never heard of – we were excited to get clothes from Target! I’m so lucky to have had my son in this era.

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