How to Style a Minimalist Fashion Look for Kids Under 6 Years

Garments with contemporary patterns, bold colours, emblazoned finishes; they all have their time and place and many people love them, but these days some mothers are now opting to dress their children in a more structured, pared-down garments -- and it’s a look that’s really working.

Oftentimes shopping for children can be an arduous experience for both mom and child, which is why the minimalist trend is one that fashion conscious mothers are embracing with open arms: it’s an easy way to achieve an overall look which is comfortable, yet put together and perfect for everyday wear.


Rid your child’s wardrobes of sequins and dizzy patterns and instead opt for something a little more modern yet classic. But classic doesn’t mean boring! 

Focus on simple yet tasteful designs like long tees, jogger pants, chinos, shift dresses, jumpers and more, and be sure to play with casual styled layers -- there needs to be a balance between style and comfort.

Another pro of this trend is that the pieces are not dated, unlike most fast-fashion fads, which are limited to a single season (we know your little one is growing fast, but at least this is a trend that will be around for more than a few months).


As every mother knows, it’s not always the best option to put your child in light coloured clothing because of how quickly the garments get dirty, and while minimalistic fashion does focus on a muted wardrobe, this doesn’t mean that it has to be white. Rather opt for more neutral tones like tan, beige and cream. As well as the darker shades like greys, navy and the always classic black.

The beauty of this trend is that it is effortless. The limited colour palette is incredibly versatile, which makes it much easier to mix and match almost every item in your child’s wardrobe -- it also means you can also fall behind on the washing every few days.



Simplicity and chic are the two words that can best describe Scandinavian style. Hailing from the Northern part of Europe, the Scandinavians tend to have a good grasp on minimalism and the eye is always in the details -- well-placed zippers, textured leather knee pads and interesting necklines all play into this.

There are essentially three fast facts you need to know about this style movement: play around with proportion and try out boxy cuts and oversized shapes. Focus on whites and creams that perfectly compliment the straightforward designs, and lastly, make the looks more interesting with lightweight layers.

The end result? A look that is modern yet understated.



Because of the monochromatic palette, emphasis is placed on the cut and quality of the garment (patterns and bold prints can sometimes disguise the poor fabric quality), which is why this trend seems to go hand-in-hand with materials that are of a superior standard: long-wearing fabrics like cottons, linens, wools and even leathers are the top choice.

Fabric also creates texture which enhances the basic cuts.



Don’t think your child is able to express themselves enough in these modern and clean silhouettes? Here's an idea: let them choose their own footwear.

Obviously there is still some restriction in terms of what works here and what doesn’t, but it’s incredibly important to allow your child to express their personality through their fashion, and in this case their footwear is a great way to channel that sense of individuality that will add contrast and balance to that minimalist look.


Have you experienced any challenges in styling a minimalist fashion look for your children?  which style do you prefer, a monochrome or scandinavian style?


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