What to Expect: The Newborn Checklist

A new baby changes everything. If it is your first one, you are probably even more confused and scared of the unknown. That’s why it is important to prepare, and not only mentally. You need to stock up on all those essential items (clothing, bathing supplies, toys and other) your little bundle of joy will surely need in their first couple of months. So, to be sure you didn’t leave out anything important here is your foolproof newborn checklist.


Baby clothes are most commonly sized by age, so it is wise to prepare not only the newborn size but also a couple of bigger outfits before you need them – babies grow quicker than you can imagine. It is essential for all the baby clothes to be comfortable, made of organic materials and well made. For the first three months, you will need between five and seven one-piece outfits, and the same number of shirts, body shirts, stretchy pants, leggings and pyjamas. Your baby will also need a couple of outer layers (jackets, sweaters, etc.), hats, mittens, socks, shoes and booties.


The average baby uses more than 2,700 diapers in the first year, so you can imagine this will be one of your biggest ongoing expenses in the first couple of months. Regardless of the type of diapers, you are using (disposable or cloth), your baby will use up to 12 diapers a day. Make sure that for the first week or so, you try out different types of diapers to see which ones suit your kid the best, and which ones may cause irritation. Speaking of diapering, you will also need a changing table or a pad and wipes.

Baby gear

The stroller is one of the first big investments new parents make. Invest in one that reclines for napping, has storage space and meets all the safety measurements. A quality and safe car seat is a must. Babies love to be close to their moms, and moms often need two free hands to do everything else. There are various types of baby carriers, including infant wraps and ring slings.


Some parents choose not to buy a crib right away; instead, they decide to bring the newborn into their own bed or use a bassinet. However, since it is probable that you will soon start using a crib, it is a smart investment to make right away. You will also need a waterproof mattress pad and fitted crib sheets. The bedding and blankets should be made of organic materials. It would be smart to get a few comfortable baby wraps that can serve as blankets, feeding shawls, and rugs.


We’ve all seen the likeable photos online of babies bathing in a kitchen sink, but how exactly is this practical? While it can work perfectly fine for newborns, after a few weeks, it becomes too complicated. It is best to buy a baby bathtub right away and use it for a year or so. Several soft hooded towels; baby washcloths, shampoos and soaps are all the bath related items you should have in stock before the baby arrives.


During the first couple of months, you will either breastfeed or bottle-feed your little one. To make that easier, you will need a feeding pillow, burp cloths, bottles, bottlebrushes, breast pump, breast milk bag and/or formula. If you are feeding your baby with a bottle, it is best to opt for glass or stainless steel, because plastic can release harmful toxins and jeopardize the health of the baby.

Soothers, toys and health

Finally, your baby will need items that will aid in their development, sooth them and entertain them. So make sure you check some of the following items on your checklist: pacifiers, play mat, bouncy seat, soft toys, musical toys, rattles, teething toys, nail clippers, baby brush, and a bulb syringe.

These items will be enough for the first three months or so. Later on, when your baby starts crawling, you will need to worry about childproofing your home.


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