Christmas Trip with a Baby

Contrary to popular belief, a lovely Christmas getaway with a baby isn’t much different than when you were travelling with your significant other. Use this opportunity when your baby isn’t talking or crawling yet, as this is the breeziest time to go on a trip.

There are no ‘are we there yet’ questions, no particular entertainment and distractions are necessary during the trip. You can still enjoy a lovely afternoon at a quaint café, a visit to a museum and even a magical stroll around the Christmas market, as long as your bundle of joy is comfortably snuggled in a stroller or a snuggly. They’ll be amazed by the sounds, the different shapes and colours and they’ll probably even nap more than you expect them to. As long as you’re there, that’s all they need to be happy.

That being said, a trip with a baby does require some research and careful preparation, especially in terms of packing. Make sure you have everything you need, and then some more. Luckily, that is why we’re here today, to help plan every single detail so the actual trip goes swimmingly.

Scout out the location

In terms of your destination, you could go anywhere in the world, although staying closer to home and avoiding long flights is far better. Babies tend to cry a lot, especially if their routine is disrupted, and a baby crying on a plane is virtually unavoidable. There are also frequent diaper changes, which can be tricky to manoeuvre on a plane and at airports. Still, if your dream Christmas getaway is quite far, bite the bullet and prepare for this. Once you land and get settled, all will be good again. Now, if you’re staying at a hotel, make sure to get all the information on the rooms and facilities. Having baby-friendly accommodation is highly important, so before booking, ask all the questions.

The packing checklist

This is one of the most demanding tasks you need to complete before embarking on a journey with a baby, so pay close attention and take note. Your baby needs their own products, so never forget to pack all the toiletries you normally use. This includes plenty of diapers, organic bath products and lotions, quality natural baby wipes, brush and comb, a baby robe (two, if you’re staying a more than three days), diaper rash cream, disposable changing pads, disinfecting hand gel and baby q-tips. Make sure you have your first aid kit with you as well, as you can never take too many precautions. Blankets, a few of them is always a smart choice, and bring your baby’s own bedding, always.

In terms of clothing, count the number of days you’ll be staying and then multiply it by two, that’s a great guideline for packing complete outfits. Even if you’re travelling somewhere warm, always bring warmer clothes along, as weather can always surprise you.

A few of their favourite toys is a must and a great way to make the trip pleasant. When you know how long it will take you to get to your destination, bring a diaper for every hour on the road. If you’re not breastfeeding, bring a handy formula dispenser – it will save your life. Extra bottles, bibs, pacifiers, you can never have too many of these items. Overstuff your diaper bag as you never know if there will be delays – you can’t predict everything so it’s good to be prepared.

One of the smartest things you can do when packing is to place a certain amount of all ‘baby things’ in separate suitcases; that way, if part of your luggage gets lost, you’ll still be left with a solid number of necessary items.

Highly important

Before you head out, pay a visit to your paediatrician. Make sure your baby gets a full physical, just to ensure everything is in order. If you’re leaving the country, double check to ensure your baby’s vaccines is up-to-date.

We’re here

As soon as you are settled, designate a baby-changing station. Get all the ‘tools’ out, a stack of diapers, wipes, creams, changing pads, and make that your station. Setting up your room will save you from going through frantically through your suitcase looking for every individual thing. Also, be mindful of your baby’s routine. You might be tempted to roam around and soak up as much of the new place as possible, but remember that rest time is highly important to your baby, as well as their established routine. Instead of wallowing, use this time to get some well-deserved sleep yourself. After all, vacations are for sightseeing, but also for that good old relaxation.


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