Busy Mum’s Guide to Staying Chic and Classy

Looking back, we can’t really pinpoint the exact moment when everything changed.

We’ve quickly gone from what was considered regular semi-hectic family dynamics (there’s always something to be engaged with when you’ve got a big family) and the easy way we used to handle our jobs, the time spent at work, the frequency of seeing our friends to this absolutely weird state of things where we simply cannot figure things out – ever. Our overwhelmingly tight schedules have lead us to think that it’s just impossible to do it all. Maybe we should just drop the whole thing and not force it? Maybe. But, there’s one thing we learned along the way; multitasking, in fact, is just a series of tasks poorly done or totally mishandled. Therefore, doing things one by one (even if you happen to be just a tiny bit late) is key. One of those things is learning to handle your chic even when there’s baby formula on your ruffles.


Accept the reality

Although pregnancy itself does last for almost a year, most of us don’t really get to mentally “go there”. Sure, we prepare everything for the baby and we’re ready to be mothers, but rarely do we think about our style, weight, what will change, etc. Honestly, why would anyone be thinking about THAT when there’s a human mingling around in your womb, right? Theoretically, we are aware that our pre-baby jeans won’t fit. Practically? No, we’re not. So, when the reality hits and we can’t button up any of the pre-baby clothes (or most of it, at least), we start spiralling.

The key to staying sane and still looking stunning is accepting that your body has changed and that your new figure is what you’ll now have to learn to live with – at least until you are strong enough to hit that treadmill again. Make it a fun experience and come up with new styles you’d like to try out, go shopping, ask a fashionista friend to help you create your new style. Don’t ever force yourself into a size (or three!) too small because you miss your pre-baby chic. Just don’t.

Trust the comfort

Again, we cannot stress enough how important it is to be comfy! After you deliver, you’ll be occupied with a million stuff and you need to be able to move and breathe. Leave your Balenciaga for a date night with your hubby and focus on stylish comfy pieces for now.

For all the adorable mummies, we love the idea of jumpsuits with elastic bands (no, they don’t have to look ugly or remind of Santa pants) and jogger pants. Paired with statement Ts – whether we’re talking quotes, graphics, colours or prints – they’ll let you move and keep you super chic at the same time. Plus, you can always put on your baby carrier that matches the colour of your outfit, have your baby close to you and look incredible! Ah, ways we’ve discovered to juggle it all… sometimes it feels we could rule the world.

Copy your favourite diva

These days, pregnancy has become yet another opportunity for the Hollywood divas to show off their fashion, and we kind of like it. While they’re paying thousands to get styled up, we can just hit “search” and steal what they’ve come up with. Ha! So, what we suggest you to do is browse through the post-baby styles of your favourite fashion icons and steal a few ideas. For instance, we absolutely adore Heidi Klum’s laid-back post-baby style. She is all about staying sharp and on point but she also understands how crazy life is when you are a mother. Athleisure is perfect for all mums who want to stay comfy (who doesn’t?) and look stylish. A pair of leggings topped off with a fancy cardigan and a sporty shirt (and sneaks, of course!) will look perfect.


If you are not that into sporty fashion, you can always channel your Kate Middleton and wear cute dresses that are both comfortable and adorable. Whether they are knee-length or mid-calf (sometimes even maxi may work), as long as they make you feel breezy, you are good to go. You can always choose an interesting colour, print or pattern (think polka dots, florals, cute emblems like ice-creams, etc.) to up your game. Oh and, keep things interesting by wearing different types of necklines, too!

Take a hint from your role models: Kim K, Gwen Stefani, Naomi Watts, Victoria Beckham, Who Ever… and get inspired!

Good luck on your journey back to chic, beautiful!


Got any tips to stay chic and fashionable in the always busy mom life? Share it with us on the comments section.


About The Author

Emma Lawson is a former teacher and a mum to two boys, constantly improving her parent skills. She is passionate about writing and learning new things that can help you lead a quality life. She is a lifestyle blogger at Mischief & Co.


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