7 Exercises to Do with Your Baby

For new mothers, even grabbing a few hours of uninterrupted sleep is a tough feat to accomplish, let alone trying to squeeze in going to the gym a few times a week. How’s a lady supposed to find the time to get back in shape when there’s a tiny human that seeks our constant attention and needs us almost every hour of every day? To be honest, the gym is probably not the best way to get in shape for people who are supremely busy. If you can find the time for it, that’s great, but most mothers are a little overwhelmed and need a slightly different solution. So, to help, we’ve got a way for you to combine practical fitness, with some sweet bonding time with your baby. Want to know how to exercise without sacrificing your mom time? Read on.

Go for frequent walks

This is especially good a few weeks after giving birth, when you’re still feeling tired and achy. Simple walking can be immensely good for you, and if you take your baby in their carriage, you can walk for at least an hour and coo at your darling newborn as you show them around the town. Walking gives a boost to our metabolism and keeps our heart healthy, and it’s definitely something you can easily do with your child.

Get plenty of fresh air

You and your baby need healthy surroundings, and the best way to enjoy some fresh air is to frequently go to the beach and indulge in that tranquillity. Bring a mat with you and do yoga while your baby naps, or if you don’t have a beach near you, you can always go hiking. Make sure to bundle up your child in a front carrier and to stay only half an hour in the beginning, until they get used to it.

Pliés and lunges

Baby carriers are really going to come in handy when exercising, so put your baby in a front carrier again and hold them close. To do a proper plié, you will need to stand with your feet wide apart, and turned out slightly. Keep your back straight and your abs firm and start slowly bending your knees and lowering your hips down. Then lift up equally slowly and keep your abs and your glutes clenched. Do reps of ten, and then switch to lunges. If your back starts aching for any reason, take a break and set your baby down for a bit before continuing.

Make sure you have the right equipment

A few things will really come in handy when working out with your child – a water bottle for you and them, a towel, a toy, a bib, but also proper gym wear. You want clothes that will protect you from injury and allow freedom of movement, so new moms should consider quality nursing activewear that is specifically designed for their needs. You need breathable materials, garments that let you stop and feed your baby, and structured design that supports your muscles, especially after giving birth.

Alphabet abs

Have your baby lying right next to you while you are flat on your back. Place your arms at your side and lifts your legs up straight, feet close together. Draw each letter of the alphabet slowly using your toes. You can sing the letters out to your baby, to make this an educational experience.

Swim together

Getting your kid used to water is a great way to make sure they become a swimmer early on. Of course, if you think they are too small to be allowed to swim just yet, you can get them a little boat and keep an eye on them the whole time they’ll be very happy. Push the boat gently as you swim around and have fun.

Do curl-ups

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your babysitting on top of your hips or leaning back against your legs. Start doing curl-ups in reps of fifteen or twenty, and smile each time you lean forward to greet your child. Alternatively, you can lift your head and shoulders up and they stay in the curled position for a few seconds before exhaling and settling back.

Exercising this way doesn’t benefit only you, it benefits your baby as well. You’ll be teaching them the importance of exercise early on and they’re bound to grow up healthy and eager to train something and learn more physical skills. Enjoy getting fit and bonding with your child!


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