10 Streetwear Terms You Need to Know

10. Streetwear

As with many cultural movements, streetwear has been notoriously difficult to define. Streetwear is a distinctive style of street fashion and it includes clothing items such as t-shirts, baggy pants, drop crotch joggers, sneakers and caps. All these items are the basic foundation of any streetwear trend.

9. Swag

“Swag” comes from the hip-hop culture and it’s the shortened version of the word “swagger” which basically means style, not just what you wear, but how you wear it

8. Throwback

When it comes to streetwear – throwback is basically anything that has a retro or vintage expression about it.

7. Black on black

Black-on-black is used to describe a particular style of clothing that consists of layering black garments such as black trousers with a black t-shirt.

6. Oversize

Oversize or oversized is a term used to describe as the name suggests clothing that are not ‘true to size’ but rather a bigger or baggier fit.

5. Longline

Longline describes clothing garments that are longer in length than a regular cut or length. Synonymous are “tall tees”, “tall clothing”, and “longer length clothing”.

4. Slim fit

In streetwear slim fit refers generally to a style of cut of t-shirt or top layer.

3. Drop Tail Tee

Drop tail tees are t-shirts where the back section is longer than the front to create more of a tail effect.

2. Layering

Layering is having that elongated under t-shirt to give you the longer silhouette and then wearing another regular/slightly less long tee on top. It works especially well with contrasting colours such as a white top underneath and black over the top

1. Side Split

A side split tee is defined by it’s hemline. Side-split breaks the t-shirt up at the joining seam of the front and back to create what is more of a tunic style.

Bonus: Street style.

Though streetwear is often a major fixture in street style. Street style is documenting  someone’s style who happens to be walking on the street.


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