5 Winter Fashion Tips for Kids Clothing Every Parent Should Know


As the cooler weather creeps in it’s time to start thinking about winter clothing, and the question that all parents are faced with is: How do I dress my child in winter with a touch of fashion?

It’s a question that is of great importance because finding the perfect balance between style, comfort and warmth can be complicated. Too little clothing is dangerous for obvious reasons, but too much clothing can be equally problematic as well, which is probably why one of the biggest tests to a parent's patience is trying to dress their children for the colder climate. However, we hope these five tips are going to change that!



Layering is key when it comes to winter fashion. Not only is this incredibly practical (because your child can take off layers when they are too hot) but it’s also essential for keeping them warm.

Look out for clothes that are of a high quality fabric, as well as pieces that offer protection against the elements like cold proof and waterproof garments. It’s important to choose fabrics that retains warmth and are moisture wicking, natural fibres like wool or silk tend to be best.

Focus on your child's head, feet, neck and hands and ensure that they are covered -- the extremities tend to lose warmth at a more rapid pace. And remember, don’t go overboard on the layers. There should never be more than three: a thin base layer, a middle layer to insulate and lastly a third layer to protect from the elements (something waterproof and wind resistant). Insulation traps air in between the layers, so always pick outermost garments that have a bit of added space.


Classic styles are always a safe choice. You want to dress your child in clean cuts and simple silhouettes that can be easily mixed and matched and lend themselves well to a variety of different settings and environments.

When it comes to children’s clothing for cold weather you have to go one step further with the simplicity and ensure that garments are also appropriated for every place that your children will stay in, for example riding in the car, babies and children should wear thin, snug layers rather than thick, bulky coats or snowsuits; or when joining outdoor activities in cold weather they must wear winter accessories such as warm boots, gloves or mittens, and a hat.


Fashion savvy women already know that one of the easiest ways to make a subtle statement during the cooler months is with outerwear. If you’re opting to dress your child in a monochromatic wardrobe, brighten it up with a pop of colour in the form of outerwear.

A bright coat or a patterned jacket will look great, and will also give your child the option to express themselves and their own sense of style with a piece that is a little more playful.


Don’t be afraid to play with textures: This will create an interesting contrast, and thus a more stylish wardrobe, but it’s also a great way to add warmth. Try out faux fur coats, leather and denim jackets -- multiple thin layers, combined with a thicker outer layer is a winning combination.


You'll agree that accessories always pull together an outfit, but for winter fashion they also act as a way to create even more warmth.

Dress your child in mittens or gloves, warm boots (get them a bit bigger to accommodate thick socks, or two pairs of thin socks) and thick scarves or neck warmers. Also encourage your little one to wear hats like beanies which cover their ears.

What do you think of our winter fashion tips?  Share your thoughts and tips with us in the comments below.


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